Camtasia for the masses !

So I decided to sign-up as an instructor with Udemy, and very soon, you should see my first course available on the platform.

There are a lot of video-production software available around, and I decided to go full throttle with TechSmith Camtasia 8. You can download a free 30-day fully functioning trial version here. What I found is that Camtasia, unlike Adobe products, will let you do what you want with the video. It is simple to learn, very intuitive, and it will do what you ask it to do without fuss. The green-screen Chromakey option works, the noise reduction works, and the special effects & transitions work too. The people at TechSmith programmed it with the end user in mind. I am absolutely in love with that software.

If you are a bit cheeky like me, you may want to also sign up as a instructor on Udemy, and then go to that page to get a special 50% coupon off the price of Camtasia. Ok, it did not work for me the first couple of times, but if you email david (email on the link), he manually sent me the discount voucher. Thanks Dave ! But good software is nothing if you can't use it, so I also signed up for a Camtasia Course on Udemy: by Ron Hogue; and this was a total revelation.

Screen casting and producing training videos is really very simple, once you have the basic tools. Ron takes you through the entire interface of Camtasia, and will help you become a master in no time. And he shares a lot of excellent and useful tips with his students. His course is very comprehensive, well structured, and is probably all that you need if one day like me you want to produce your online course. A definite recommendation !

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