Engage your classes with Socrative

Engage your students with Socrative Student

Prepare some tests and quizzes, and get your students to use their mobile device - whichever it is! to participate at their own pace, anonymously if you want.

I just love this website/service. First, because it is totally free (for now?), but more importantly because it does actually work . Students get individual feedback on their mobile device, they can participate with their own personal answers and then vote about the answers provided by their peers.

I trialed this with two classes already, and the kids absolutely love it.

A nice addition to the quizzes is the instant questions mode, where questions are pushed to the students' devices (without any need for prior preparation). For example, the teacher makes a statement and the students can decide whether this is true or false using their device.

If you are looking for something free, easy to put in place that will guarantee 100% students in lessons, look no futher.

Socrative is all that you need !

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