Interactive lessons with Padlet

Today I decided to have a go with to get my students to take ownership of their lessons.

The idea behind Padlet is very simple: they provide a virtual noticeboard, and once you know the address (such as for instance), everyone can contribute. This is an excellent idea because it ensures that everyone gets a chance to contribute in the lesson, without having to do so in front of all the others.

Now do the students make the most of this chance? Well it depends. I think that in the long term yes, they do, because the benefits of collaborative work is immense. But brace yourself for a period of learning where your padlet will be full of "lol" and other silly messages of the same kind. I found that an easy way to avoid this is to create a blank padlet for the whole class to try out for 5-10 minutes, before moving onto some more "focused" work.

The beauty of Padlet is that you can then export the contributions, either as pdf, excel (?!) or csv. Everyone then gets a copy of the global contributions. With Padlet, you can realise how much collaborative work brings to the students, both in terms of quality and quantity.

Definitely one to try !

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