Adobe Project VoCo

Introducing Adobe's VoCo

This is a very interesting development in voice technology, from the company that brought Photoshop to us a few years ago.

VoCo is “Photoshopping Voiceover” software. Which means that you can not only edit audio, but you can also use tools to polish your edit, exaclty as Photoshop does with images. Of course you can use simple audio editing tools like the excellent Audacity , but Audacity is to VoCo what Paint is to Photoshop. It will do the trick, but the results are not going to feel "real".

VoCo is analysing someone's speech at phoneme (possible sound) level. There are 44 phonemes in the English language. Once you have collected them all, the possibilities are endless. VoCo is able to 'say' new words, using the correct sounds from other words. Which means in practical terms that in theory, I could create language from scratch, and sound like a real person. Truly impressive.

Just watch the video and hear for yourself...

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