Swifty - Interactive Swift tutorial that works

Ok. Swift, Apple's new language for IOS and MacOS has been out for some time.

I bought the books, watched the videos, even read (some of) the reference book available freely on iTunes or the Apple Developer site if you prefer to read it online.

All of this is very good; Swift is easy to learn, and with the help of the playground in Xcode, you can try it out for yourself in real-time, without the need to compile first.

Except, Xcode does not work on the iPad or iPhone, and not even on a PC.

There are not many good tutorials in the App Store, but this one warrants a special mention. Swifty will take you step by step through the concepts that you may know from other object oriented languages, or from the Swift reference itself. First, it looks like some of those interactive forms that you fill in on the web, but when you look at it closely, all the questions are asked in such a way that you will make progress and fast.

Of course it does not cover the advanced features of Swift; but what it does, it does extremely well. I will use this app with my 11-year old son, and I am sure that he will enjoy using it as much as I do.

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