Best parking ever

Best parking ever

I was waiting for my daughter this morning and I was stunned to witness this lady parking her large SUV over 3 parking spaces in school. Security called her and asked her not to park like this, to what she replied "Oh, that's fine, I am just dropping off my daughter". She left her car like this as she went into the school to reappear 15 minutes later.

I asked myself whether it really mattered or not, and I decided that it did. After she left, someone else got into the parking space, without experiencing any particular issue, so I came to the conclusion that the parking space was not defective.

Trying to work out why on earth would someone park their car like this, I narrowed it to arrogance or creativity. And I came to the conclusion that it was not creativity, as this lady failed to change anyone thanks to her actions.

She was not trying to make a ruckus. It was just pure selfishness.

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