Easy vs. simple

Easy vs. simple

The most inspiring idea that I retained from Seth Godin is the difference between easy and simple.

Most of the great ideas are simple. But this does not mean that they are easy to put in place. In fact, if they were easy, they would not be great at all, and everyone would already be doing it.

These days, we mistakenly substitute one for the other, and this leads to misunderstanding and unhappiness.

My son asks Siri instead of looking up new words in a dictionary. That's easy enough, and it will work about 80% of the time. What about the 20% of wrong answers ?

I get daily posts on linkedIn about the 7 things to include on your CV to make it outstanding. Guess what ? If everyone includes those 7 things on their CV, none of them will be outstanding. But it's easier than actually coming up with something truly outstanding to put CV.

It's easy to like posts on social networks. What about picking up the phone and calling your friend instead for a real conversation ?

Easy is lazy.

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