Welcome back to the new flunki.com.

flunki.com is my little baby. Back in 2012, I decided to learn Adobe Flash to create interactive games and exercises for my students. At the time, I thought that the name flunki was very appropriate, because it starts with "fl" just like Flash did. Unfortunately, in the meantime, Adobe Flash died a slow and painful death, as it never really has been able to handle the level of security required by modern computer systems.

What Flash's own programming language ActionScript taught me was how to design and develop software using a current object-oriented language, so there are no hard feelings here. The transition to Swift, Apple's own programming language for all its IOS devices, was, well, quite swift.

Using Udemy, I quickly learnt how to develop for the iPhone and the iPad, and published two apps in the AppStore. The first one, Speak4Me was to help students with their pronunciation of foreign languages. The second one, Lightning Maths was a very fast math game to revise all four operations. At this stage, flunki.com became the promotion and support portal for those apps. You can read my review of Udemy here.

I am at a stage in my career where I would like to share more of my experience with others, and flunki.com is going back to its blogging roots.

Change your opinions, keep to your principles; change your leaves, keep intact your roots.

Victor Hugo

I hope that you will find my posts thought-provoking, and please feel free to use the comments button when I get it to work.

Nik Bernaz

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