Teachers as marketers

Teachers as marketers

Maybe too often, we, teachers, fail to appreciate why we are here.

If we truly want to help those who learn from what we teach, perhaps we need to dig a bit more into what really motivates them to learn. The "here what I sell, take it or leave it" approach is no longer compatible with the demands of the learners of the 21st century.

The world around us is changing, and we need to change with it.

For the facts, you have Google and for translation, well, you have Google Translate. And there are major similarities between the two: without human judgement, both outputs are worthless, yet they seem truly worthwhile to an uneducated person.

Teachers' jobs are changing from a comforting facts-teaching to a more elusive nurturing of new skills that the world demands.

I don't think that the challenge lies in the new skills that we have to teach.

The challenge is to get the students on board with the idea that they need to develop a love of learning, which in turn, will enable them to learn any new skill they require in the future.

Teachers have to become marketers, finding ways to ignite passion in their students for what they do, and this is no small feat.

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