Udemy - The Online University

Udemy - The Online University

A couple of weeks ago, I discovered Udemy, the online university. I really wanted to get hold of some books for IOS development in Swift, and here in Dubai I could not find any; by the time you order them online, get them and realise that this is not what you need, it can get quite expensive. I like to have books for reference, but with Udemy, learning is becoming much easier and I would also say that it provides better value for money.

Let me explain this: when you sign up for a course, you sign up for a series of lectures and projects that, in real life, would be covered by one book. You get videos, stills, quizzes, but also access to the resources that normally come on CDs (or online) when you get one of those technical books. Udemy is different in the sense that you also get support from the author of the course and the community of people who subscribed for it; and this to me is invaluable. Questions get answered, files and projects get exchanged, and learning gets a real boost this way.

My typical setup is one laptop playing the video (that I can pause when I need to), and another one running Xcode, so that I can follow, play with the code, alter it in real time. And what you learn in that way really sticks.

When you first look at Udemy courses, they seem to be quite expensive. However, with a little bit of Googling, you are bound to find some coupons (try this one: INSPIRE 1010) that, when used at the checkout, give you substantial discounts. Realistically, you can get most courses for about $12.

This is a true revolution for learning, where you can take your classroom with you everywhere you go: the Udemy app allows you to download the course (or part of it) so that you can watch it offline. Definitely one to try.

One final word: the Udemy app on the iPad looks very promising too; it downloads the contents while online for offline viewing.

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